Jun 14, 2017

let Deri work

An appeal has been filed with the Supreme Court demanding that Aryeh Deri be removed from his ministries during the ongoing investigation.

While I think Deri should never have been brought back to Shas or given a ministerial position, I think it is wrong to remove him from his post over the investigation. After he is indicted, if he will be, sure, but not just because of an investigation.

Every Monday and Thurrsday we hear about more ministers or MKs being investigated. Nobody would be able to serve if they had to take a leave of absence just because of an investigation. Our prime minister has been under investigation for years. Avigdor Lieberman was as well. Uri Ariel is.  Solmiansky is (though he took a leave of absence) and that's just off the top of my head, and only thinking of current reps.

He should not have been appointed, but once his people voted for him and the prime minister gave him a ministry to run, he should get to hold it until he is either indicted or cannot function in his position.

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