Jun 11, 2017

The sinner should not be rewarded

Normally, in recent years, when Arabs riot on or near Har Habayit, for whatever reason, the police tend to close off Har Habayit from Jewish access until things calm down.

That is always upsetting, as it means rewarding the violence. They want Jewish access to be stopped, so responding to their riots by closing it off to Jews is rewarding to them and gives them incentive to riot, though the police really just want to keep Jews safe.

We have a saying in Judaism, אין החוטא נשכר - the sinner should not be rewarded. In these cases, it was always the sinner that was rewarded.

Not any longer.

Today the Arabs on Har Habayit rioted, for unkown reasons. They screamed at Jews and threw rocks. The police responded by shutting down Har Habayit. From Arab access. The Jews were allowed up as normal, but the Arabs were locked out.

אין החוטא נשכר

It is about time.

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